Data is fast replacing all other intelligence as the lifeblood of smart business decisions. Businesses today need solutions that leverage data science analytics to derive growth oriented business strategies. Enterprises that utilize technology to derive relevant market insights from data are the ones that reach the top.

Avesta provides state of the art Engineering and Advanced Analytics services that help customers do just this – make data driven business decisions. We provide the most optimal fit of enterprise applications and solutions for your business, that will help establish growth strategies. Supported by precise project management designed to meet your business plans, our market driven technology and predictive analytics solutions are just what you need to sustain and grow.

Avesta offers end to end solutions that leverage technology along with world class project management, to derive a clear competitive advantage. We provide IT solutions that leverage analytics to their best value. This goes a long way in helping companies utilize their internal data to create business strategies that ensure a distinct advantage in the market.

Offering intelligent technology that supports insightful predictive analytics, we deliver end-to-end sales and marketing solutions that fit your business strategies.

Big Data Engineering


Avesta provides supervised automation services that perform data standardization and advanced analytics. This solution captures un-harmonized data from disparate sources and in varied formats, such as blogs, emails, audio files, social media conversations and even expense receipts, returning clean and consistent data ready for analysis in any format. This data could also be in structured formats such as MS Office files, historical data, and transaction history or user behavior. The solution includes routines for cleansing, validation, harmonization and verification of data.

Technologies Used:


Frameworks: Hadoop, Apache Spark, Hortonworks, Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, MS Azure.
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2, Teradata, Amazon Dynamo, Apache HBase, Neo4j.
Tools: Google Analytics, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Datasift

Data Science Analytics


Leverage your Big Data for deeper insights, smarter strategies and much bigger competitive advantages. Avesta’s customized Predictive Analytics solutions help create data driven decisions that are based on your market inputs and hence completely tuned to the needs of your customers. To ensure the most relevant results for your analysis, we use the best in industry statistical tools and technologies.

Technologies Used:


Statistical Tools and Languages: SAS, R, Spark, Apache Mahout, IBM SPSS, Java, Python, C, C++, Microsoft .NET, Ruby on Rails, Scala.
Visualization Tools: Tableau, MS Excel, Tibco Spotfire, MicroStrategy, HTML5, Orchestro Tango.

Cloud Infrastructure & Network Management


In today’s highly competitive market scenario, a business that delivers innovative solutions- fastest – to the market, is the winner. With the rapidly increasing pace of innovations that equip software and IT to optimize the enterprise’s performance, the race to the topics all about timing to market.


Aided by new technologies like the cloud and much smarter and secure networks, it’s time for enterprises to grow on innovations. For ensuring that networking maintenance is never an issue to disturb efficiency levels, Avesta uses Cisco Unified Communication tools, and Juniper and Avaya technologies.


For a fast, efficient and secure application delivery as well as innovative upgrades, you need a cloud that complements your IT infrastructure. Using AWS, Azure, GCE, Rackspace, VMware, Hyper –V and Citrix technologies, Avesta ensures your critical cloud applications are secure, and in best shape to add value to the business, leading to better efficiencies,and market growth.


Avesta gives best in class support for Infrastructure Management, streamlining the essential IT operations for efficiency. Our team provides systems management, network management and storage management, using integrated solutions.


Our skilled team works to stabilize, optimize and maximize database and cloud environments for you.

The tasks include:

  • Database maintenance
  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Database stabilization
  • Data warehouse and data mart design
  • Database migration and upgrades
  • Database consolidation and virtualization
  • Security and encryption,
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 support.


Technologies Used:


Networking & Telecommunications: Openstack, Openflow, Wireless,Voice (SIP), Switching (VLAN, VTP, LAG).
Cloud computing: AWS, Azure, GCE, Rackspace, VMware, Hyper –V, Citrix
Database: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2, Teradata, Amazon Dynamo,Apache HBase, Neo4j.Cloud

Application Development


Most often, complex business critical applications in an enterprise are deployed across disparate platforms and technologies, distributed on a variety of corporate networks, Intranets or the Internet. They are data centric, but need to meet stringent requirements for security, compliance and maintenance. Avesta helps in the development of new applications and augments existing applications to meet your business requirements in collaboration or singly. We provide a full life cycle development strategy that includes planning, development, testing and deployment of enterprise or mobile applications.

Technologies Used:


Languages / Tools: C, C++, C#, Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJBs, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, XML, HTML, JavaScript, JDBC,, Perl, Obj-C, Python, etc.
Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and Lean.
Cloud Computing: AWS, Azure, GCE, Rackspace, VM-Ware, Hyper –V, Citrix
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Sybase, IBM DB2, Teradata, AmazonDynamo, Apache HBase, Neo4j.Cloud

In many instances, the right services support is what makes a difference to the market efficiency of an enterprise. An efficient partner that delivers timely and cost effective Managed Services Consulting and efficient Project Based Consulting is the best support for growth.

Avesta’s alert and skilled teams not only identify the smartest business methods for your strategy, but also develop, implement and integrate innovative solutions that drive your business to profitability. With their proven track record of resolving complex business and technical issues, Avesta’s business and technology experts focus on your market needs, and deliver solutions on a Build Operate Transfer basis – solutions that help you in cornering a huge market share.

Managed Services Consulting


Our Managed Services Support also augments your existing team to help minimize downtime and maintain a consistent level of efficiency.


Avesta’s primary goal is to cover your specific needs, cost effectively and efficiently, utilizing our Dual Shore Model. We provide expert consulting for time bound projects, or even a full time hands-on project manager to efficiently run your business enterprise and infrastructure.


Avesta leverages our onsite and offshore capabilities to deliver cost effective solutions over a 24 hour cycle, resulting in higher overall efficiency. The mission of our Managed Services Consulting services is to provide the highest level of analytics/technical expertise.

Project Based Consulting


Avesta’s Project Based Consulting has been extremely successful in gaining us market support and confidence from our customers. We offer a 3 tiered approach to project based consulting requirements:

  • Assessment of the opportunity
  • Development of a pilot solution
  • Building the solution ground up, based on deliverables as per business requirements


The project based consulting is delivered by our team in NJ, supported by our state of the art development center in Bangalore India, to help you minimize on project cost. We believe that these methods and techniques allow us to build scalable, high-performance analytical and technology solutions for our customers.

Build Operate Transfer

Avesta offers the BOT model that can help establish a captive development center in India. In this model, Avesta builds and operates the remote engineering center for a pre-defined period of time, after which the customer has the option of transferring the team to be owned by the customer.

Our Build Operate Transfer model offers the benefits of:

  • Cost efficiencies
  • Direct control on hiring and retention
  • Right to retain Intellectual Property Rights.

Rapidly changing business scenarios across the CPG & Retail, High Technology, Financial and Pharmaceutical sectors need extremely fast, scalable and innovative solutions.

Avesta’s CPG Analytics, Retail Analytics and Financial Analytics solutions could be just the boost your need!


CPG & Retail

The biggest challenge facing the hugely competitive Consumer Packaged Goods market today is the ability to accurately measure and compare Sales Performance for all categories across major retail channels.


The best solutions are those that provide the ability to develop cross channel analytics, utilizing data harmonization across retailers, distributors, internal and syndicated data. These solutions help to get full visibility to customers across all sales channels.


With real estate being worth its weight in gold, space utilization is another critical challenge CPG and retail organizations face. Utilizing Planogram Analysis to provide unique insights of space planning based on customer behavior, Avesta can provide just the right basis for spatial-sales decisions. Through harmonization of raw planogram files and sales data, retail and CPG companies can now optimize planogram and maximize sales value.

In the fast evolving Retail business scenario, one strength enterprises have is the ability to engage with the customers, and being privy to real-time insights about their shopping preferences and trends. With the rapidly changing preferences, this data is constantly getting updated, and so should your analytics tools!


Avesta’s CPG and retail analytics provide tools analyze data on the fly, to provide timely and insightful data analysis. These insights, guided by data that studies a matrix of internal datasets, can be the key to planning an optimal product mix and inventory required – with this constant update of demand based on the season, market or segments. This will help data driven decisions to ensure smart, and very fast strategies in real time.


Enterprises that use consumer data to derive insights about the market, and CPG analytics to create strategies that drive business plans, are the winners. CPG and retail analytics that Avesta provides could be your best support in the plans for capturing a larger share of the market.


High Technology


The high technology products industry generates vast amounts of data, right from software coding to market response. Being able to understand this voluminous data, analyzing it for patterns and deriving insights from these analytics- will be the biggest strengths for any brand in this industry.


To meet the business challenge optimizing the product and channel sales that helps generates the most optimal market return, enterprises need accurate and insightful Predictive analytics solutions that give a clear path ahead. These solutions can be used to analyze the entire customer lifecycle and optimize each stage for improved revenue performance. With an intuitive visualization of data paths, these predictive analytics solutions are the biggest support in profitable strategizing.




In no other industry is the use of analytics as critical as in Pharma, literally lives can be saved on its correct usage! The cutting edge of science, biotechnology and pharma industry has a huge number of data points that can be utilized to make decisions on which drugs to invest in, when and how. The ability to measure short term and long term sales and demands will guide the product planning to a very large scale.


Data driven decisions can be the smartest strategy- right from the real time inputs from labs- to high level product and sales decisions from the boardroom. Companies can rely on these analytics for their accuracy. Smart data science analytics can help Pharmaceutical companies get clarity of information across physicians, prescriptions, sales and geography too.



Perhaps one of the first industries worldwide to adopt IT as its backbone for business, the financial products industry, uses financial analytics on a very large scale to offer new products, drive them to the correct customer groups and take corporate decisions. Almost the whole setup of the industry has been established on technology now, and Financial Analytics has a huge role to play in its day to day operations.


From identifying risks to opportunities, analytics helps financial companies bring unique initiatives that demarcate them in the industry, while also helping in the speed to market. This, is the strength of the successful brands in the vertical.

Customer relationships are now being managed and nurtured by the use of Financial Analytics that provide deep insights to customer behavior and preferences across a matrix of criterion.


Using predictive analytics on customer data to identify target customers for various initiatives, is one of the major strategies in the industry. It also supports Risk Management, for activities such as rogue or non-compliant trading, creditworthiness, commercial property valuations, and market volatility.

A privately held boutique Advanced Engineering and Data Science Analytics company, Avesta provides full life cycle engineering and advanced analytics services in the Financial, CPG & Retail, Pharmaceutical and High Technology sectors.


We help our customers make informed, insightful, data driven business decisions.


The value we offer is the ability to ensure strategies that allow top-quality and time sensitive implementation of business and technology solutions. As a result, many of Avesta’s customers view us as a strategic long-term partner, rather than a vendor.


Avesta believes in conducting business based on mutual growth, living up to the highest standards of ethics and values. Avesta has a strong reputation for ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Leadership Team


Avesta’s team has always stood for value addition to the customer and respect for the individual. Avesta’s team shares the core values of Avesta and strives to leave a positive mark on every engagement.


Cyrus H. Davierwalla – Founder & CEO.


Rushad E. Cassad – President.

Our Customers are well established companies, a few whom are listed below.

Avesta offers a uniquely enthusiastic environment where people are connected by the same spirit and take pleasure in what they do. We consider our interests in our customers’ business as our own problems, and appreciate team members who are sincere in providing services- professionally as well as personally. At the same time, working at Avesta challenges your technology skills as well as business acumen- because we are partners to our customers- not merely contracted vendors. Accordingly, we need people with a PARTNERSHIP mindset. What you get is – a scintillating and exciting performance environment that very few other companies provide.

At Avesta, our basic requirements for recruitment are:

  • Employees with a minimum of 3 years professional information Technology experience
  • An educational background in Computer Engineering or Computer Science from a credited or recognized 4 year University program.
  • Suitability in a accurate skills and experience review for technical evaluation
  • A thorough background check.


Every potential recruit is required to provide us with a minimum of 3 job references and a detailed employment history of a minimum of 3 years. Avesta then contacts the references provided by the recruit. Avesta retains agencies that specialize in providing services such as security and background checks, immigration history and criminal history.

UNIX Administrator

SR. Network Operations Lead

QA Performance Engineer

Oracle DBA with Exadata

MS SQL Server DBA (L3)

Wintel Engineer

Project Manager Infra

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